Inglorious 12th

You may have noticed from my blogs over the last six weeks, that I have become exceptionally fond of grouse.

When I am spending many hours up on the moors, sitting, watching, listening, trying to stay awake and attempting to keep warm and dry … the grouse keep me entertained.  Their endless chit chat and hilarious vocalisations.  Their little family bonds and quirky behaviours.  Their vigilance, taking it in turns to be look-outs, like meerkat.

But when I return to the moors after my days off, I will return to a sad sound.  The sound of gunshots, aimed at these innocent, delightful little fellows.

Glorious?  What exactly is glorious about killing anything?  And how is it a sport?  The startled, frightened grouse are driven towards the shooters by beaters.  That, is canned hunting.  Not sport.

Intensive land management to encourage more grouse to breed, damages our fragile (and supposedly protected) moorland habitats.  In turn, increasing flooding on the land below, and increasing the release of greenhouse gases.  Other species are killed.  Predators, for obvious reasons.  And even hares, as they can potentially carry vectors of disease.

This continued ‘sport’ is unnecessary, outdated, damaging to our environments – locally and globally, cruel and ridiculous.  Enough is enough.

Please sign the petition.

… and watch Chris Packham’s video. And on the BBC too.


About Olivia N Masi

From art college drop-out, to office space-planner, to back-packer, to air stewardess, to brolly babe, to model agent, to wildlife conservationist. How? I've always believed in jumping at every opportunity that comes my way. This has taken me along some bizarre career paths. None of which I regret. I have been to amazing places and met fascinating people. And having worked in the motor sport industry I've sadly experienced too many beloved friends take one adrenalin step too many. I think of them always. I've hung out with pop-stars, sports personalities, and millionaires. I reached a point when nothing but VIP would do. And then something happened. My pops passed away and I felt the need to reconnect with my Italian side. Whilst in Italy, I learnt to be resourceful, to recycle everything, to listen to the valley, to grow my own veg, to catch and tame feral cats, and to follow my heart. My heart led me to a desire to save this beautiful Earth, and all the wonderful life upon it. And so I read, and then I studied with the Open University. I suddenly found myself accepted on a BSc in Wildlife Conservation, having left school with pitiful qualifications. So here I am. A qualified Wildlife Conservationist. A scientist I suppose. I love nothing more than to listen to birdsong, and watch, learn and photograph wildlife. So here is to me getting the perfect job where I can contribute to saving one of Earth's beautiful species. Do I miss the glamour of the old life? The VIP lifestyle? The petrol-head adrenalin? The buzz of being a successful business owner? Only occasionally. Though it seems more like the distant dreams of a previous life.
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