Plastic Challenge Day 2

At the weekend, I ran out of compost. I still had daisies and scabious to plant (favourites of bees and flutterbies). Aha, I hear you say, “she will have to buy compost in plastic sacks”. Fear not, there is always a solution. Salisbury recycling centre (aka the rubbish tip) sell locally produced, eco friendly, peat free, bag-your-own compost. Smashing. So, as the tip is just around the corner from my office, I called in on the way and refilled my large, now empty, plastic composting sack – for just £1! Bonus.

I came home and potted up said flowers. Which got me thinking about the plastic pots that they come in. These are not recyclable. And don’t you find it hard to find the sizes you need when repotting house plants. I find it impossible. I wondered how many are thrown away in the UK each year. So here is an idea, just like lots of cafes, etc. have shelves offering second hand books to take or swap – garden centres, nurseries, and allotments could do the same for plastic plant pots!

That was the good bit of the day. The bad bit follows. Nothing I’ve done. Just some news that I read.

Aldi, apparently Britain’s favourite supermarket, can currently do no wrong. They have just partnered up with the RSPB and shall be donating carrier bag profits to the charity. This could amount to £2 million this year. Amazing yes. Think of all the wonderful things we could do for nature.

So what’s the problem? Well, I’m rather upset that the RSPB would want to take money from such an unsustainable, non environmentally friendly, throw away product. There. I’ve said it.

Here are sponsorship details, if you’d like to reward my Plastic Challenge efforts, and help out an organisation that does not approve of plastic bags!

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About Olivia N Masi

From art college drop-out, to office space-planner, to back-packer, to air stewardess, to brolly babe, to model agent, to wildlife conservationist. How? I've always believed in jumping at every opportunity that comes my way. This has taken me along some bizarre career paths. None of which I regret. I have been to amazing places and met fascinating people. And having worked in the motor sport industry I've sadly experienced too many beloved friends take one adrenalin step too many. I think of them always. I've hung out with pop-stars, sports personalities, and millionaires. I reached a point when nothing but VIP would do. And then something happened. My pops passed away and I felt the need to reconnect with my Italian side. Whilst in Italy, I learnt to be resourceful, to recycle everything, to listen to the valley, to grow my own veg, to catch and tame feral cats, and to follow my heart. My heart led me to a desire to save this beautiful Earth, and all the wonderful life upon it. And so I read, and then I studied with the Open University. I suddenly found myself accepted on a BSc in Wildlife Conservation, having left school with pitiful qualifications. So here I am. A qualified Wildlife Conservationist. A scientist I suppose. I love nothing more than to listen to birdsong, and watch, learn and photograph wildlife. So here is to me getting the perfect job where I can contribute to saving one of Earth's beautiful species. Do I miss the glamour of the old life? The VIP lifestyle? The petrol-head adrenalin? The buzz of being a successful business owner? Only occasionally. Though it seems more like the distant dreams of a previous life.
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