Mad cows

Well. Today I worked nearly thirteen hours. Tomorrow I have ridiculous amounts to do before leaving at 9am to go to Whipsnade Zoo to collect more corncrake chicks.

Determined to have an early night, by 9pm I had just made myself comfy, PJs on, etc., to watch a film (Fried Green Tomatoes), when Charlie (RSPB Nene Washes Site Manager) called to alert us that there was cattle chaos on the reserve.

I put my clothes back on – on top of PJs naturally, and the faithful wellies. I find wellies essential for herding cattle. The runny cow poo rinses off nice and easy. And Charlie picked us (Lizzie, seasonal stocksperson, and I).

Some naughty cows had climbed over barbed wire to get in to the adjacent field. The next door but one field has another herd with bull. You can never place bulls in fields right next to each other – unless you wish for utter chaos, fighting males, and destroyed fences/hedges/ditches. Well the naughty cows got everyone going. Their own herd bellowing because they wanted to be there too. The grass is ALWAYS greener. And the other herd as these cows were getting too close.

The bull was getting very agitated. His cows gone walkabout. But worst, his cows were nearing another bull. Outrageous. He wanted to find a way to get to the next field. And he was searching.

So we had to do a bit of herd juggling. Move this herd across in to that field. And then that one into this. And then open gates to allow the separated herd to regroup.
This involved chasing cattle whilst pretending the truck was a horse, hollering, running around flapping arms, and lots of gate opening and closing.

Finally all cattle were rearranged, and we headed home. I climbed straight in to bed. Film postponed.
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About Olivia N Masi

From art college drop-out, to office space-planner, to back-packer, to air stewardess, to brolly babe, to model agent, to wildlife conservationist. How? I've always believed in jumping at every opportunity that comes my way. This has taken me along some bizarre career paths. None of which I regret. I have been to amazing places and met fascinating people. And having worked in the motor sport industry I've sadly experienced too many beloved friends take one adrenalin step too many. I think of them always. I've hung out with pop-stars, sports personalities, and millionaires. I reached a point when nothing but VIP would do. And then something happened. My pops passed away and I felt the need to reconnect with my Italian side. Whilst in Italy, I learnt to be resourceful, to recycle everything, to listen to the valley, to grow my own veg, to catch and tame feral cats, and to follow my heart. My heart led me to a desire to save this beautiful Earth, and all the wonderful life upon it. And so I read, and then I studied with the Open University. I suddenly found myself accepted on a BSc in Wildlife Conservation, having left school with pitiful qualifications. So here I am. A qualified Wildlife Conservationist. A scientist I suppose. I love nothing more than to listen to birdsong, and watch, learn and photograph wildlife. So here is to me getting the perfect job where I can contribute to saving one of Earth's beautiful species. Do I miss the glamour of the old life? The VIP lifestyle? The petrol-head adrenalin? The buzz of being a successful business owner? Only occasionally. Though it seems more like the distant dreams of a previous life.
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