May day 3.

Today I visited Thurstaston Common on the Wirral. A fabulous heathland site with dry heath, wet heath and woody bits.

Keeping wet bits wet seems to be quite an achievement for heathland managers these days. What with flood defence, water diversions, developments, etc. Everyone seems to be obsessed with making water go where it doesn’t want to go. But there’s always a consequence. The water pops up somewhere else and habitats/wildlife that depends on wet bits being where they used to be can’t go on existing if the wet bit becomes a dry bit.

As I sat under a tree eating my packed lunch, a cuckoo called somewhere across the heathland out of site. Magic. My first cuckoo of the year.

As I walked about the site I heard the manic calls of Chiffchaff. Also my first of the year.

Up above, a pair of Buzzard gave a fabulous aerial courtship display.

Wow what a picturesque place, with friendly folk, wonderful wildlife and vabulous views…

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I challenge YOU

May day 2.

Where ever I go in the world its there, following me, haunting me, taunting me… Marine litter.  I saw quite a lot of the stuff whilst in Barbados thanks to the stormy waters ripping away the beach surfaces.  What lies beneath the surface sand?  Well more sand obviously, but also tons of garbage.

The month of June is not far off.  30 days away actually.  And I challenge YOU, yes you, to take the MCS Plastic Challenge. You know who you are.

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less of the CBA

I have been pretty slack on the old blogging for quite a while now. Too busy? Not inspired enough? Too much of CBA (can’t be arsed)?  Well I have just been inspired to wake my brain, ego, and attitude up a little.  So for the whole of the month of May I will doing pilates or yoga daily (easy, I do this already!), meditating daily (for which I have a great app – Insight Timer), and of course I shall be writing on here each day.  About what?  I’ve no idea!

Let’s start with showing you some wonderful photos that I took for the Barbados Sea Turtle Project – hoping that these images help them sell lots of merchandise…  It certainly gave Jilly and I plenty of joy creating them – and so reminds me of a very good-for-the-soul kind of day.


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Love is in the bucket, everywhere I look around

Friday evening I was out patrolling country lanes assisting toads to get across roads alive. It was a dry evening, but we still found and helped 23 wee toads to reach the safety of their chosen pond.

Why did the toad cross the road? On mass!? To get to their breeding ponds of course.

You’d think they might be stressed – being picked up and placed in a blue bucket. But it seems we helped with a little match-making. The small males claiming females whilst in the buckets, climbing on to their backs and hanging on. Come what may.

Alas, even whilst patrolling and with very little car traffic, we kept finding fresh squished toads. Tragic.

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Never Eat Shredded Wheat

… the four coasts of Barbados.





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69 plus 1

69 baby Hawksbill turtles moved and released away from their nest as they’d taken a strange liking to a drain, rather than the sea.

Plus one of the naughty crabs who kept poking the babies to see if they were edible!

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Bajan beach gems


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